Pride Reccomendations

It is June. A month where kids are rushing out of their schools with joy; and more importantly a month where all from around the world can celebrate their sexuality.

Blog Posts

Mark O Brien-“Reminders”:

Becky Albertalli-Gender nonconforming children: Coming to terms with sexual identity:

Vee S.: CO founder of Gay YA:

Blogs To Follow
Mark O Brien—
Gay YA—

YouTube Videos To Watch

ABCs of LGBT Part 1 :
ABCs of LGBT Part 2:
ABCs of LGBT Part 3:
16 Types of Sexuality:
Diverse YA Books (Margot Wood and Adam Silvera):
Carmilla S1:
Carmilla S2:

YouTube Channels To Follow

Ingenious Blue-Gender fluid person named Lena Klein. Not mainly LGBT centered. Good content:
Ashley Mardell:

Books To Read (Again. Very. Very few.)

Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda:
Twitter: @beckyalbertalli
Here’s my review:

Simon is an amazing love story about a 16 year old AP nerd/theater geek who falls in love; and deals with keeping his sexuality a secret amidst blackmail. It’s powerful. It’s moving. It’s absolutely adorable.

More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera:
Twitter: @AdamSilvera
Here’s my review:
More Happy Than Not is a soul shattering debut about a boy who wants to forget that he’s gay. Aaron Soto is unforgettable.

Under The Lights by Dahlia Adler

Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg
Here’s my review:

Openly Straight is an authentic read about a funny, awkward Rafé. But what teenage boy isn’t awkward nowadays? Sorry if you are one.

How You Can Help:

Don’t forget to jump on over to Rachel at Reading Wishes: (link above) and donate to charities that support gay teens. If you don’t have a credit card/are broke, you can still share (what I’m doing RIGHT NOW, lol) and be rewarded by a deleted email chapter from Becky Albertalli’s Simon VS. You MUST share Rachel’s post on your social media or elsewhere AND email Becky. All details in the post.

New Yorkers: the Pride March is June 28th!

How do you want to spread your love or awareness for LGBT+ culture this month?


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