The Saturday Oreo #2: Meeting Adam Silvera, Becky Albertalli, Alex London, and Margot Wood!

This Tuesday, June 2nd, I met Adam Silvera, Becky Albertalli, Alexander London and Margot Wood!

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. My phone camera couldn’t focus properly on the camera I took it on.

Becky Albertalli



Becky, and her adorable son, Owen were the first people I saw.

As soon as she saw the excitement on my face—she knew it was me. “Hey! You made it right on time. We literally just got here.”

We arrived 10 minutes early (later than planned) and the place was already crowded. Wonderfully loud talking. No seats available. People already choosing their standing spaces.

I gave Becky the Oreos I brought for her and as the party became more crowded and louder. The party didn’t kick off until about 6:24 pm for Adam’s absolutely HILARIOUS Q&A. (You really must try to meet him one day.) By then, it became difficult to move.

I hung out with Becky the majority of the time; just talking about how exciting it was for everyone to be there; Owen and his adorableness, and Oreos. When she introduced me as her friend to her aunt, I was like, epic fangirl mode; what else is new?

She introduced me to two of her cousins, her aunt, and one of Adam’s best friends who helped plan the surprise of her coming to the launch—Luis; and her agent (also Adam’s agent), Brooks Sherman.

Becky is so nice; and so much fun to be around.

Margot Wood

[This is a picture of her graffiti-like signature under the author photo she took of Adam]

I first saw Margot in line to buy MHNT and just froze. Although I recognized her, I was like, “OMG. Reliving that BNP where she stands quiet next to V. Roth in an elevator.” As soon as the BoW cashier lady—Charley– called her Margot. It was like, “This may never happen again.” Me: “Hi! So sorry to bother you. But are you Margot Wood?” Her: *smiles* Yeah. Me: I’m Wesaun @epicbooklover on Twitter. MW: OMG. It’s so nice to meet you! I feel like I know you already.

We talked about books, book covers, my hope of MHTN being a bestseller. Did you know a book has to sell at least 3,000 copies during pub week to hit the NYT bestseller list. For LGBT; around 15,000-20,000 copies?

Margot is awesome; and you HAVE to check out her fauxtos because she is The Real Fauxtographer which is a photographic art she does. It’s kind of like regular fan art but so much more advanced! :

She also is the senior community manager of Epic Reads!

Alex London


Again, you should try to meet him in real life.

We talked about diversity, not just in YA, but even farther out in the book world—like authors after I talked to him about the diversity of Proxy. “Yeah, it’s just that a publisher may accept a book written by someone who looks like me than someone who looks like you. It shouldn’t be like that.”

Adam Silvera
(Also the picture with the worst quality, ironically. It’s much better quality on the actual camera, obvs.)


[Ooh and his tattoos are epic!]

I don’t have a picture of it; because it was on my old phone—but my latest fan art piece was a messy mask with attachments of Shakespeare quotes, half smiling with warm colors, half frowning and crying with a swirl of cooler colors.

He actually got up and hugged me like he did with everyone—which I thought was amazing.

You’re tired. There’s over 300 people there to support you. At least 100 getting it signed; and you still get up to hug every single one of them. Now that’s admirable.


I honestly couldn’t make him sign extra scrap paper once he didn’t have the bookplates. (If this was for you; I’m sorry—don’t hate me. You had to be there to see him, though to really understand why I couldn’t do it. )

He was so kind; and so tired. And again, hilarious in the Q&A. Writing cramp in the hand—you know that thing where you have to shake your hand because it hurts from? So, I said “No, it’s okay. Meeting you is enough.”

Then he hugged me again; as if he didn’t know he was Adam Silvera. All the fangirling, and I signed the autograph book with a note. There was a copy of MHTN and he had everyone there signing. I’m pretty sure everyone wrote a little note; because that’s what I saw as I wrote.

Needless to say, this is a VERY short summary of the epic, funny, and memorable launch of More Happy Than Not. 🙂

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