Powerful Quotes In YA Mental Illness

May is coming to a close; and as you may or may not know—May is Mental Illness Awareness Month. And since I haven’t done a post on mental illness this month, I decided that quotes were the best way to go.

I’m enamored with quotes.  A piece of beautiful literature provided May persuade you to pick up the book more than a brief summary, and a photo of a nice cover would.

My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga

1. “We all want to believe that every day is different, that every day we change, but really, it seems that certain things are coded into us from the very beginning.”

Oblivion by Sasha Dawn

2. “We’re only as far as the heart of the labyrinth, in a sense. We’re here to contemplate, to reflect, to reconcile; but we still have to fight the battle awaiting is here. We still have to follow a path out into the rest of the world.”

“Walk not on the cobblestones paths of her memory in black veiled grief to relieve you. Mourn not for her mind, her beauty, her mouth drawn down so quick to believe you. Presses like a rose in a book from a lover. Sift through as the hours pass. Imprisoned obsession. She can’t escape Amber ASHES in her hourglass.

Don’t Touch by Rachel Wilson

3. “You try to shut off all your filters. When an idea comes to mind, you speak it. When the impulse comes to take action, you take it. It’s harder than it sounds. ”

“Except that this moment can’t last. Another one’s coming, and I have to keep going, keep doing, keep touching, messing up, getting messed with. What would those moments feel like, to drown like Ophelia, skirts billowing at her sides so she floats for a time before getting dragged down? Only that one moment left. Nothing to fear coming after...This is the last moment.”

“I’ve been holding on so tightly to what, at the end of the day, is a lot of pretend. I’m not normal, and nothing is fine, so why act like it is? Why not let my crazy show?”

Those are the three most powerful books you would benefit GREATLY from reading. Deep, powerful, and life changing.

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