Top Ten Authors I Really Want To Meet

*Credit for idea if post goes to The Broke and The Bookish!*

I’m definitely a little late to the party. But, I wanted to do this post, and HAD to. I mean, so many great authors out there!

1. Victoria Aveyard


Victoria Aveyard’s a badass.
You know that by reading her debut novel Red Queen, alone. That novel is currently a #1 NYT bestseller for ELEVEN WEEKS STRAIGHT.

You truly haven’t really lived in YA until you’ve read Red Queen. You just haven’t.  Not to mention her fun, witty personality which is evident from her Twitter posts. She’s the type of person that you either:
a. Want to meet
b. Want to be
c. Want to be best friends with
If you don’t follow Victoria Aveyard on Twitter, she’s fabulous. You can find her at: @VictoriaAveyard

2. Becky Albertalli


Becky is sweet like an Oreo, and has suck a good sense of humor. (Only Simonites will understand the reference.)

She also wrote this beautiful, important, and hilarious novel called Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda. And a heartwrenching blog post, which I do not have the link to. 😦

Becky is one of the best kind of people you can know. So, it’s not much of a surprise I want to meet her.
Twitter: @beckyalbertalli

3. Adam Silvera



I first heard of Adam through Margot Wood’s raving on Epic Reads about his epic debut More Happy Than Not. But I knew I had to meet him when I watched the Tea Time WNDB chat, which you can see here:

His opinions (excuse me, facts)  got me interested in him as a person, and more interested when I read the synopsis of his book. He seems cool, and I’m excited for the MHNT launch, June 2nd. If you haven’t watched that Epic Reads video, you need to. Then, go preorder a copy of MHNT!
Twitter: @AdamSilvera

4. Alex London


Alex London wrote this MOST EPIC DIVERSE THING EVER called Proxy.
It would just be cool to talk about the characters, and his future WIPs. Was it strange that my initial instinct was to write, “BECAUSE HE’S ALEX LONDON?!”
Twitter: @calondon

5. Lindsay Cummings


Lindsay Cummings is sweet, and funny if you’ve ever watched her YouTube videos. If not, here’s an example: 

She’s also a crazy good writer, if you’ve ever read The Murder Complex. That book is two things: bloody and badass.
Twitter: @authorlindsayc

6. Rachel Hawkins


Read Rebel Belle, and you’ll understand. I cannot even articulate the awesomeness of Lady Hawkins, properly. You just have to read Rebel Belle.
Twitter: @LadyHawkins

7. Sara Raasch


Although I have met this fiery badass of a lady, I just have to meet her again. So I can have both Snow Like Ashes, and Ice Like Fire signed! Also, so I can bask more in her lovely company, and talk excitedly about the SLA world.

8. Francesca Zappia
*Credit to Francesca’s blog*


I honestly don’t know Francesca Zappia very well, but I do know her debut: MADE YOU UP coming out this month will have  an unreliable narrator. That’s my favorite trend of books, besides fantasy, as of late. From the little time I’ve conversed with her, she seems sweet!
Twitter: @ChessieZappia

9. Sarah J. Maas


Because she’s funny, charming, and on an unrelated note: gorgeous. Her face is so perfectly shaped, she really could be a goddess. She’s also The Queen of Fantasy in YA. Nobody, and I mean, nobody can top the fabulousness of Throne of Glass. And I hear, ACOTAR is even better. For an example of her humor and charm, you can check out this recent interview she had with Jesse The Reader:
Twitter: @SJMaas

10. Sabaa Tahir


Because she took the chance of writing a standalone fantasy. That’s literally UNHEARD OF in the book world. Not to mention from what I’ve heard, and the little I’ve read so far: it’s pretty epic.
Twitter: @sabaatahir

Those are the authors I want to (and probably will, considering my location) meet one day! As you’ve noticed, they’re all great writers, great people, and badass. And their books? Even more so.


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Authors I Really Want To Meet

  1. Here’s the link, and you’re welcome:

    So I guess I don’t have to tell you how much I envy you because you’ll be seeing (and having conversations with) Adam Silvera next month. But let it not go without saying that you’d be crazy to NOT include Becky and Alex. Wonderful, wonderful authors and, in general, people. Also, I’m excited for you to read More Happy Than Not!

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