[Book Review] Liars INC. by Paula Stokes

And now, ladies and gentlemen, fangirls and fanboys….drum roll please…THE REVIEW FOR LIARS INC. !


“I guess I’m on edge since my friend disappeared, jackass.” -Max Cantrell, page 108.

“It kind of sucks having nothing to lose, but it sucks even worse having everything good taken away from you. Or to realize it was never yours in the first place.” – Max Cantrell, page 269.


LIARS, INC is like How To Get Away With Murder in book form. Just take away the excessive sex, the constant epic trials and the sassy quotes from Analise Keating. Just replace it with the hurting of a sometimes insecure, hurting yet confident, young Max Cantrell. Just replace it with the sassiness and courage of Parvati Amos, who’s quirky, knows plenty of useful skills and is UNFORGETTABLE and more than just a spoiled rich girl.  Just replace it with golden boy Preston DeWitt, senator’s son, who’s is nothing like the traditional beloved popular quarterback he seems…

What I Liked About Liars Inc
– Good world building

Despite the vagueness of the characters’ past at first, it’s all for a reason that is later revealed. Max was well developed and I felt Paula dove into his character as well as made it interesting for reluctant readers which is important and interesting for seasoned readers.

We get to see Vista Palisades, the town, it’s people, the typical judgement of high school students, the social hierarchy. We don’t focus on Max, Pres, and Parv all the day long. We also dig into Pres and Parv a little and you fall in love with Parvati (Max’s girlfriend), the Cantrells (Max’s family), and intrigued with the allure to Preston.

-Good writing

The reader was put on edge at all times.
Paula’s intelligence shone brightly through this as she kept away clues that might help us figure out the epic plot twist way too soon. The way it was written not only drew you and kept you connected but begged you to turn page after page, turning away from the mundane tasks of life. Paula’s voice is powerful, and happens to be unique within what might seem like a typical murder mystery, making it superior to all others.

Epic Plot Twists

I played #MysteryTwitterTheater, which was a game in promotion of LIARS. I advise you to head on to LIARSIncBook.com to perhaps check out some recaps of that awesomeness, so I took notes of clues and guesses similar to what I did for the game, but
less upscale, I hope.

Anyway, the plot twists that came even if you made your guesses and they were close or almost connected to the full picture (ME). The clues were so subtle that the plot twists were stunning and slapped you in the face EVERY. TIME.
I did NOT EXPECT ANYTHING. And I loved that.

What I Didn’t Like About Liars, Inc.

I only felt that Preston could’ve been better developed but after finding out that epic secret in that super epic plot twist, WELL. I understand.

I have no further objections. đŸ™‚


I found Liars, Inc. thrilling, quirky,  humorous and one read I will never forget. Thank You, Paula Stokes!


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